Guide for reliable shipping

eround directly picks up and ships items.

  • 1.Guaranteed genuine product
  • 2.Fast shipping
  • 3.Convenient CS support
  • Product Direct Pickup

  • Packing

  • Delivery

  • Customer

Q1. What is responsible shipping?

Responsibility Shipping iconEround is a service that picks up the goods directly and packs them directly.
Responsible shipping products are marked with responsible shipping icon.

Q2. Why is Responsible Shipping good?

Because eround picks up the goods directly from the shop, you will receive genuine products of the same brand as those you shopped in the store. eround packs and ships products directly, so customers can get them delivered quickly and safely. When returning or exchanging, CS center assists in your convenience.

Q3. What products are eligible for responsible shipping?

Real-time products sold in offline stores operated by eround's O2O platform.Responsible shipping items are marked with a responsible shipping icons.

Q4. store in charge of delivery

Q5. Direct management center guide

logistics center Korea

  • - integrated logistics center Gyeonggi-Do Gwangju

service details

  • - integrated logistics center / 3PL
  • - globalcenter(天天韓)
    (B2C, B2B outbound)
  • - primary ingegrated collection for return
  • - 24 hours CCTV

logistics center

  • - integrated logistics center Saitama(埼玉県), Tokyo(東京)

service details

  • - integrated logistics center / 3PL
  • - global shipping center(天天韓)
  • - 24 hours CCTV

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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